Web Hosting and Hosts for Poker Sites and Websites

I’ve been wanting to write an article about web hosting for poker sites for quite a while now. I’m including affiliate links for some of them, because the commissions are good. And I also think that anyone who has been reading the blog here for any length of time knows that I’m not the type of person to recommend a host just because they’ll pay me a commission. In fact, I have several web hosting services that I’m going to recommend you AVOID. (And their affiliate programs pay out great too.) The recommendations below are based on personal experiences with various web hosts since 2003.

Earnings Disclaimer – If you sign up for hosting via one of the links below, I do receive a commission. It’s a great way for you to support my site, if you think it’s of value, and I stand by my recommendations. (Although that statement doesn’t constitute a warranty or guarantee on my part. You might have a different experience than I had with any of these web hosting companies.)

Recommended Web Hosts for Poker Sites

I can recommend the following web hosts. I’ve included a brief review of my experience with each of them below:

  1. Rackspace - This is my #1 recommendation. These guys are awesome. Customer service is great, and my site runs lightening fast. I never have any problems connecting via FTP. This is the perfect web host.
  2. HostGator - I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this web hosting service. It’s not as fast as Rackspace, but they do an excellent job.
  3. Dreamhost - I’ve also got nothing bad to say about Dreamhost. They run a great service, and I have no complaints.
  4. Godaddy I recommend this one with reservations. Godaddy web hosting is cheap, and it’s convenient, but once you start getting some traffic, you can start seeing your site slow down.

Web Hosting Services That Are NOT Recommended

These are web hosting services that I’ve had bad experiences with:

  1. 1 and 1 Hosting - This is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. They did something that brought down one of my websites, and their customer service and technical support were the rudest and least helpful people I’ve ever dealt with. I would NEVER use 1 and 1 Hosting, I would NEVER recommend 1 and 1 Hosting, and I’d encourage you to avoid recommending 1 and 1 Hosting no matter how much their affiliate commissions are.
  2. Bluehost - I had a lot of success with Bluehost until recently, but then Bluehost had a big outage which knocked down one of my main sites. Repeated calls to Bluehost’s helpdesk didn’t help. Bluehost’s employees were polite enough, but they also lied to me repeatedly. “We expect the problem to be solved in 45 minutes.” I heard this every hour on the hour for eight hours. Then finally they told me that they wouldn’t put my site back up because supposedly something was wrong with one of the scripts running on my WordPress blog, and that I had caused several other sites to go down to. It was an upsetting experience which cost me a significant amount of money while my site was down. I’ll never use Bluehost again. I don’t recommend that you use them either.
  3. TigerTech - TigerTech wasn’t awful, but the sites I hosted with them always seemed to run way too slow, so I stopped using them.
  4. LunarPages - I see LunaPages recommended often by a lot of people, but like TigerTech, my websites were just too slow with the LunarPages hosting service.

And those are my opinions about who you should use for web hosting for poker sites, or for any other websites, for that matter.

While I’m in the process of making recommendations, I want to mention vBulletin. I’ve been using their forum software for years on multiple forums that I operate, and I’ve never been anything less than thrilled with the level of service they provide. And their software is top notch.

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