“How to SEO new poker sites.” Hmm. I wonder what I was drinking when I came up with this idea for a post? (Did you know that I plan these poker SEO posts way in advance? I have a list of my next 100 post topics already made out. Sometimes I’m in the mood to write, and sometimes I’m in the mood to generate ideas.)

So much hype about old domains and old sites has been spouted that I’m surprised that anyone even launches new poker sites anymore, much less tries to SEO them. I’ve seen thread after thread offering to sell horrible poker sites with awful content for lots of money, and the only selling point most of those sites seem to have is age. Is age really that important to your SEO efforts? Is it even possible to SEO a new poker site?

I like to launch new poker websites. I enjoy doing SEO for new poker websites. It’s like sitting down to a blank canvas and starting to paint. And if the resulting picture is beautiful and valuable, then it’s because of your efforts. If it’s ugly and worthless, well, you own that too. But with old poker websites, you never quite know how much of your beauty and success (or ugliness and failure) belongs to you and how much of it belongs to the former owners of the site.

I ramble. You came here to read how to do search engine optimization on a new poker site; you’re not that interested in philosophical musings about the benefits and drawbacks of old poker sites versus new poker sites. So here’s my brief guide to SEO’ing new poker sites:

  1. Do keyword research. How you do this is up to you. Some people like to use tools. Others use their imagination. I like to use a combination, but it also depends on the website. I’ve built some websites where all of the keyword phrases came straight out of Randy’s brain.
  2. Write content. Once you know what topics you want to cover, you write content about those topics. Yeah, it’s a good idea to include your target keyword phrases in the actual text of the content you’re writing.
  3. Get links. I’ve written lots of articles about how to get poker links. (In fact, I’m #1 in all 4 search engines for the phrase “poker link building expert.”) Poker link bait strategies can help you obtain links. Poker link exchanges still work well too. Natural links work better than unnatural links for SEO, at least in the long run.

My recommendation is to spend about 10% of your time doing keyword research, 80% of your time writing content, and another 10% of your time building links. Assuming you work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, then you’ll spend half a day (4 hours) doing keyword research, and another half a day (4 hours) building links. The other 4 days you’ll spend writing content. Assuming you can write 5000 words in a full 8 hour day, and that you like 1000 word articles, you can generate 20 articles per week for your site. That’s 1000 pages of content a year.

If each page of your content ranks for 3 keyword phrases, then you’ll rank for 3000 keyword phrases by the end of the year. Even if that content only gets 1 visitor per day per phrase, you’re looking at a 3000 visitor per day poker website, which is a pretty decent sized poker site.

Wait a minute…?

How is this SEO strategy for new poker sites any different from an SEO strategy for old poker sites?

It isn’t.

You do SEO on new poker sites the same way you do SEO for old poker sites. And the cheapest, most effective poker SEO technique will always be to generate lots of content targeting lots of phrases. New poker sites don’t need any kind of special techniques in order to be optimized for search engines. It’s all about keyword research, content generation, keyword repetition, keyword emphasis, and link building.

And once you’ve followed my strategy for doing SEO on a new poker site for a year or so, well, your poker site isn’t new anymore, is it?

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One Response to How to SEO New Poker Sites

  1. Craig Thorpe says:

    excellent article, having just starting my first poker related website it is very good advice that i will be following