What is a “poker microsite”?

I’m not sure that the phrase “poker microsite” has an official definition, so I’m going to create one here myself. A poker microsite is a one or two page site about a single poker topic. An example of a poker microsite would be a 2 page site about how to play pocket kings in a Texas holdem game. The first page would explain your strategy options pre-flop, and the 2nd page would cover your strategy options on the flop, the turn, and the river.

What’s the difference between a poker microsite and a poker minisite?

A poker minisite is a small site on a particular poker subject that has enough subtopics to warrant multiple pages. An example would be a site that looked at Texas holdem starting hands. You could have a 5-20 page site with pages about the different kinds of starting hands. (How to play big pocket pairs, how to play small pocket pairs, how to play suited connectors, etc.) You might or might not include additional pages with information about how to play these hands on the flop, the turn, and the river. In fact, once you start getting into that much strategy, you’re getting close to being able to launch an actual fully robust website with 100+ pages. (There are a lot of concepts involved in Texas holdem strategy.)

Another possibility might be a local poker website. For example, if you lived in New Mexico, you could probably cover all of the main cardrooms in the state in less than 20 pages.

A poker minisite is a small website about a poker topic. A poker microsite is a TINY website about an even more narrow poker topic.

Who should launch poker microsites?

If you’re a complete beginner to being a poker webmaster or the poker affiliate business, then a poker microsite is the perfect place to start. You can see immediate and tangible results. Suppose you launch a 2 page microsite about how to play pocket aces in Texas holdem. That’s probably good for 60 visitors a month if you can rank #1 for the phrase. (And since it’s such a tightly focused term, you should be able to make it to #1 or #2 fairly easily.) And then let’s suppose you make 25 cents per visitor to that site. That’s $15 a month, or $180 a year.

That doesn’t seem like much, but you should probably be able to accomplish the launch of your poker microsite with a day’s work. (Less if you have experience or type fast.) If you make $180 a year from that site for the next 40 years, then you’ve made $7200 for that 8 hours of work. That’s $900 per hour.

Nice work if you can get it, eh?

Why would someone want to launch a poker microsite or a network of poker microsites?

If you have a short attention span, and you don’t want to launch a large, robust poker website, then microsites might be the perfect solution to your ADD. Also, you can find some really solid exact match domains for some narrow poker topics. (Broader poker domains are tougher to find. Good luck registering “texasholdemgames.com”, for example.)

When should you update a poker microsite?

When something changes, you should update the microsite then. With something like how to play pocket aces, the strategy considerations probably aren’t going to change much over time, so you might not ever have to update the page.

Where can you gets links to poker microsites?

I’ll link to anyone’s poker microsite if it has reasonably good content on it, just as a means of encouraging people to experiment with the format.

You can also link to your own poker microsite from one of your other sites. You DO have a personal homepage right? That would be a perfect place to link to your microsites from.

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