Keyword Strategy and Tactics for Poker Webmasters

This is a straightforward tutorial for how to develop a keyword strategy for your poker website. It’s brain-dead simple, and I’m going to present it step by step. And I’m not giving away any kind of competitive advantage by doing so. You’ll see why once you finish reading the post. (Actually, this might be more of a keyword tactic than a keyword strategy, or maybe it’s a keyword technique or a keyword methodology? At any rate, it works.)

  1. Pull up the keyword referrals for your site from the time you launched it until now. If you’re using Google Analytics, this is really easy to do, and the default order for these phrases is in order of how much traffic each phrase has sent your site.
  2. Run a ranking report for the top 20% of these phrases. If you have fewer than 500 phrases, run a ranking report for the entire list. If you have so many phrases that the top 20% of these phrases is more than 500, then just collect the top 500 phrases.
  3. Sort these in your spreadsheet first by how well the rank, and then by how much traffic they’ve sent you. You’ll wind up with a list of phrases that you rank #1 for, a list of phrases you rank#2 for, and so on. And each of these lists will be in order of traffic.
  4. Look at the phrases in your spreadsheet where you rank #11. These are untapped sources of traffic. 90% of Google visitors never go past the first page of the results. If you’re #11, you should be able to move up to #10 pretty easily. You might try building links, doing onpage optimization, or creating new content.
  5. Build links if it’s easy for you to do so. If you build a few links with the target phrase, you’ll probably see a jump in rankings. Going from #11 to #10 should increase your traffic for that phrase dramatically. You can build these links on your own site from within the content of your other pages if you like.
  6. Optimize the onpage stuff. You can always try adding the keyword phrase to the text of the page, if it isn’t already there. If it IS already there, try putting it in bold, or repeating it a couple of times. Try adding it to a subheading, or rewrite your title tag to get the words in there.
  7. Write new content. If you rank for something that’s impossible to optimize the page that’s ranking for the phrase, you can write a new article targeting that specific phrase. You can even go back and add a link to the new article.

This process is a no-brainer, but it does require a little bit of effort. But it beats the hell out of other ways of doing keyword research.

The important thing to remember is that the keyword phrases which rank between #11 and #20 are the real gold for the site. Getting a page from #11 to #10, or even from #20 to #10, is a helluva lot easier than getting a page from #99 to #20. And the results, traffic-wise, will also be a lot better.

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3 Responses to A Keyword Strategy for Poker Webmasters (or Anyone Else)

  1. Marco says:

    Nice article Randy, thank you.
    But how would you perform task 2, “Run a ranking report”?

  2. Randy Ray says:

    You can use any of a wide variety of software programs that will check your Google rankings for the keyword phrases you input. I’m a member at SEOBook, and I just use their ranking tool.

  3. Kush says:

    @Randy Thanks for a great blog – bookmarked to read though most of your posts this week-end :) SEOBook’s Free RankChecker tool will suffice (for most smaller sites?) but I personally use Raven Tools which is a huge time saver.