A few people at Poker Affiliate Listings a while back were discussing Twitter and whether or not it had any relevance or use for poker SEO or poker affiliate marketing. At the time I promised to write an article about how to use Twitter for poker SEO and link building. Today I deliver that article. I’m assuming you already know what Twitter is and how it works, but if it’s completely foreign to you, then take a look at this beginner’s guide to Twitter and then come on back.

The most important aspect of Twitter to understand is that it’s a social media tool. “Social” means that you’re interacting with other people. Your approach to using Twitter should be to use it as an opportunity to expand your network and see what other interesting stuff other people are doing. When you follow people and interact with people you find interesting on Twitter, then people who find you interesting will interact with and follow you in return.

Why does that matter?

Because some of those people who follow and interact with you on Twitter will link to you from their static websites or blogs. And even if they don’t, they’ll often promote your content and ideas to their Twitter networks. And some of the people in their network will link to you from their static websites or blogs. (This approach assumes you have something worthwhile and interesting to say.) Some examples of people with interesting things to say about poker and gambling on Twitter include:

3 Things a Poker SEO Can Use Twitter For

  1. Getting inspiration. I’m a big fan of Domain Tweeter. Every day he posts a new domain that’s available to register, along with some information about search traffic and CPC for the phrase that the domain targets. He doesn’t focus on gambling or poker, but looking at his thought process gives me ideas for poker domains. And I do love me some poker domains, let me tell you. More inspiration I got from Twitter: 5 Content Strategies That Top Bloggers Use + 3 Things That Set Them Apart.
  2. Getting traffic. If a lot of people are following you on Twitter, and you post a link when you update your poker blog or your poker site, you’ll get direct traffic to your site from your followers at Twitter. Getting traffic to your site from a channel other than Google is always a good thing. So many poker webmasters focus exclusively on doing SEO for Google, when they could be generating tremendous amounts of traffic from social media channels like Twitter. How do you get a lot of followers on Twitter?
  3. Getting content ideas. More content means more potential search traffic. And I get stuck for content ideas. But people are slinging content ideas across Twitter constantly. Here’s one I read today that blew my mind in a couple of different ways: 50 Content Ideas That Create Buzz

6 Things a Poker SEO Shouldn’t Do on Twitter

Here are a few don’ts I’ve picked up since starting to use Twitter. These are things a poker SEO shouldn’t do on Twitter, and they’re really things most people shouldn’t do on Twitter:

  1. Don’t put up a profile with no picture. If you can’t get an image up on your profile page, people will think you’re indescribably lame. It’s hard to socialize with a default icon.
  2. Don’t send an autogenerated direct message to everyone who follows you. Again, unbelievably lame. It seems like a good idea at the time, but it’s really not. I have 360 autogenerated direct messages in my inbox. Today I went in and unfollowed 350 people.
  3. Don’t follow hundreds of people you’re not interested in trying to get followers. I tried this strategy, because it seemed easy. But I regret it now, just like I’ve regretted every spammy shortcut in SEO that I’ve ever tried. I wound up with a bunch of followers, but how many of those followers do you think really pay any attention to anything I tweet? I would have been so much better off just following 100 or 150 or so people who I was really interested in and then gotten back to producing content that people enjoy.
  4. Don’t use any of the following words to describe yourself in your biography: “maven”, “guru”, “evangelist”, “expert”, “coach”, “attraction”, “entrepreneur”, or “empower”. Those words are all so overused that they’ve become incredibly trite. Just be simple and honest in your biography.
  5. Don’t think you have to read every single tweet from every single person you follow. You don’t have to read every @reply or every DM either. Twitter is like a river; you can step in and enjoy the water any time you like. But you can also step back out again any type you like. Twitter’s not going anywhere.
  6. Don’t be selfish. If the only thing you’re using Twitter for is to post when you make a new blog post, then you’re being selfish. That strategy won’t do you much good. RT (retwee) content that’s interesting to you. Answer people’s questions for them with your own @replies. Be part of and give something to the community, and you’ll reap rewards. Be lame and think only about how to promote your poker site on Twitter, and you’ll just waste some time playing with a powerful tool that you don’t remotely understand.

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Looking back over this article, it seems like none of the advice above is specific to poker SEOs or poker linkbuilders at all. Any of this advice would apply to anyone who wants to use Twitter, no matter their goals. I think that’s pretty cool.

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